Provide Volunteers

Any team that provides two volunteers to the race to manage an exchange zone will receive a $300 refund. A team can provide more volunteers to cover multiple exchange zones for a larger refund - $300 per exchange zone covered.

More information about volunteering for the race can be found at the link below.


We are working on the details for the 2020 charity promotion and will have those posted once they are finalized.


Refer a new team to the Palmetto Relay and receive a 10% discount/refund on the lower cost team registration.

If you have referred a team, e-mail us at and let us know the team captain of the team that will be registering. Once the referred team is registered, the 10% discount will be processed.


Any team that secures a sponsorship for the Palmetto Relay or Malak Series can get up to a free team registration.

We will refund 50% of the sponsorship amount from your team registration up to the full team registration cost.

E-mail us at for sponsorship details.

If you have any questions email us at