Volunteer Handbook

Download the general volunteer handbook for a full breakdown of our relays below. Note: Race specific details will be released in the official Race Handbook distributed 4-6 weeks prior to race weekend.



Beyond being part of a very unique experience, volunteers who manage an Exchange Zone who are NOT supplied by a team are eligible for a donation to a charity of their choice.  In many cases, the donation can go directly to the Exchange Zone itself.  For example, if the Exchange Zone is a church the donation can go to that church.

The donation for managing an Exchange Zone from start to finish is $300 for the Palmetto Relay and $200 for Colonial and Tuna Relays.  The donation is per Exchange Zone.  The donation is not based on the number of volunteers that man the Exchange Zone.

Malak Series will provide the donation after the relay has been completed and all volunteer duties have been satisfactorily met.  The donation will be paid to the organization and not the volunteers. 



  • Two or more volunteers are required at each Exchange Zone at all times.

  • Time requirement is approximately 6 to 8 hours for the Palmetto Relay and 4 to 6 hours for the Colonial and Tuna Relays.

  • Exchange Zones may occur during night-time hours.

  • Volunteers must be over the age of 12. If under the age of 18, the volunteer MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Volunteers can request Exchange Zones that are convenient to their location, but as the relay spans up to 200 miles we ask for flexibility.

  • Any volunteer who is late or fails to show up for his or her duties will not only jeopardize the success of the relay, but will also forfeit the donation that the relay is making to the charity on their behalf.




The 200-mile course is divided into 36 segments called "legs." At the end of each leg is an Exchange Zone (there are 35 exchanges, plus the start and finish).  Each team has up to 12 runners that run the course. Each team's current runner runs a leg to the next Exchange Zone before handing a wrist band off to the next runner waiting at the Exchange Zone.

Volunteers are stationed at Exchange Zones to act as Race Officials, and to perform the following duties:

  • Record arrival of teams coming into an Exchange Zone.

  • Announce the team number of the incoming runner.

  • Ensure a safe race by keeping runners and vehicles separated, making sure runners are wearing the appropriate gear, and directing runners to the proper side of the road. For example, for nighttime legs runners will be required to wear reflective vests, headlamps, and blinking lights to ensure they are seen by cars.

  • Monitor for rule violations (no iPods at night, lights required at night, etc. - a full list of rules will be provided to the volunteer prior to the event).

  • Provide guidance on the next leg of the relay (this information will be provided to the volunteer prior to the event).

  • Assist drivers into the Exchange Zones to reduce vehicle congestion.



There are a few rules to enforce as vehicles come into and out of an Exchange Zone.

  • Team vans will drive to the Exchange Zone ahead of incoming runners to prepare for outgoing runners. In the event an Exchange Zone’s parking lot is full, vans should park alongside of the road opposite (before or after) the Exchange Zone so that it does not force runners into the middle of the road.

  • Vans should be pulled well off the side of the road so as not to interfere with other traffic, and should not block residents' driveways.



Since there will not be any road closures, traffic control, or aid stations, participants must obey state traffic laws. Volunteers are not authorized to direct traffic.  Please follow any requests from property owners.