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OCTOBER 25-26, 2019


Event Overview



The Tuna Relay /200 is an amazing, overnight relay adventure in which you and your team will run 200 scenic miles across North Carolina, finishing at the beach. Enjoy some tuna and your beverage of choice after a job well done. 

The Tuna Relay /200 begins just outside of Raleigh at Lake Benson Park in Garner, NC and finishes in Atlantic Beach on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina.


From casual joggers to serious racers, this event is great fun for everyone. Teams are made up of 4 to 12 people who split 36 legs. 

Each team will provide support vans to drop off and pick up runners at designated exchange points along the 200-mile route.


On Friday morning October 25, 2019, the first flight of teams will start their 200 mile adventure around 6:00 am. Over the next several hours, additional sets of teams will depart on their overnight journey through eastern North Carolina to the beach.

Teams will begin arriving at Atlantic Beach around noon on Saturday to conclude their Tuna Relay /200 experience with the best post race party you could hope for. We will have tuna and beer and the beautiful North Carolina coast and Atlantic Ocean.


Course Details

This 200-mile race is broken into 36 legs that begins just outside Raleigh and finishes in Atlantic Beach.


2019 Full Course

Note: Teams should be able to average a 10:00/mi for the course. It is OK if some of your team members are slower than a 10:00/mi, but the average should be close to that.  Contact us if you have concerns about your team pace

2019 Course Legs

Get the details on each of the 36 legs and download routes for your GPS watch.

2019 Race Worksheet

We have developed a race worksheet to help team captains with leg assignments, team pace, and estimating arrival times at exchange zones. Instructions are included on the worksheet.

Note: Teams do not need to turn this in




Early Bird Discount
(ends march 31, 2019)

  • Full Team registrations (7-12 runners) $1,300 (that's $250 off!)

  • Ultra Team registrations (4-6 runners) $675 (that's $125 off!)


June 15 Discount
(ends June 15, 2019)

  • Full Team registrations (7-12 runners) $1,450 (that's $100 off!)

  • Ultra Team registrations (4-6 runners) $750 (that's $50 off!)


Full Pricing
(Effective June 16, 2019)

  • Full Team registrations (7-12 runners) $1550

  • Ultra Team registrations (4-6 runners) $800.


Discounts & Refund Policy

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We have hotel and vehicle rental information that may help in your relay planning. Click the links below:



We will award the top overall Tuna Relay winner along with those in the team categories listed below. The number of places with awards in each category is dependent on the number of teams in that category, but at least one award will be given out in each category.

Team captains will select a team category during registration, but this can change before the race if the makeup of the team changes (this will be finalized when the team paces/start times are finalized).

Full & Ultra Team Awards:

  • Open - All male or less than 50% female

  • Mixed - 50% or more female

  • Female - 100% female



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